1. Are Mobile Payments Set To Supplant Credit Card Payments?

    Considering the Millennials preferred inclination toward mobile payments, you would have thought that they would soon surpass American consumers using credit cards. Though it may soon become a reality in the future, credit cards still rule the roost. Finder.com – the personal finance website, pred…Read More

  2. Growing Credit Card Usage Noted in Subprime Borrowers

    According to a report generated by Liberty Street Economics that keeps track of credit usage, overall household debt has marginally increased in the 2nd quarter of 2016. Credit card debt and auto loan experienced growth while mortgage debt went down slightly. The report reveals that credit card usag…Read More

  3. People with Low Credit Scores Increasingly Using Credit Cards

    According to a fresh data published by NY Fed, people with low credit scores are increasingly opting for credit card debt. NY Fed’s latest quarterly report reveals that household debt increased from $35 billion to $12.3 trillion. The factors behind this upward trend are considered to be credit car…Read More

  4. Why you Shouldn’t Use Credit Cards to Pay For College

    Universities are making it significantly easier for undergrads to rack up debit these days – with increasing tuition costs and rising fees for textbooks and activities, it’s no wonder some students may turn to credit cards to cover the fees. For example, university students can utilize their cre…Read More

  5. Churning Credit Cards: Risky Business

    So many of us have churned credit cards to seemingly maximize their benefits. But is it really getting us anywhere good or is it making us vulnerable? For example, Mastercard allures you to sign up with them by offering extra miles or another targeted offer. Ordinarily, you might get 30,000 miles ho…Read More

  6. Essential to Know: The Times You Shouldn’t Use a Credit Card

    A Visa utilized mindfully can be an incredible instrument to fabricate your financial assessment and develop a positive record as a consumer. On the off chance that you fork over the required funds each month and balance your spending like a star, utilizing a charge card for most costs permits you t…Read More

  7. How to Get Out of Debt Through Borrowing

    Taking out loans to pay off credit cards may be a bad idea because you may end up in more debt than before, not to mention the stress. However, you can now use debt consolidation loans to successfully change a bad financial condition. Strategies such as using balance transfer offers to lower credit …Read More

  8. The Biggest Irony of Our Time — Fresh Graduates Going North East

    The national student loan debt is some $1.3 trillion. Of this each borrower owes the state roughly $30,000. This is according to a recent report by Lending Tree. And there’re some 54 million new graduates currently in the workforce, 70 percent of whom are yet to clear their student loans. But desp…Read More

  9. How Student Loan Debt Causes Chain Reaction in Housing Market

    If there’s one thing that hardly ring in the minds of college hopefuls while they are up and about looking for places it is the debt they’ll have to pay after the four years. And when they are finally out it’s hard for them to see homeownership past the mountain of debt there is to pay. The fi…Read More

  10. Subtle Tips How to Clear Your Credit Card Debit

    There’s no easier temptation other than using a credit card. It is quick and painless. The problem comes in only when you have to pay it back. And yet the “ghost” of emergencies often strikes at this time. So you end up using two, three, or four credit cards within a very short period of time.…Read More