1. Could Credit Freezes Help Protect You At Tax Time?

    Millions of Americans could be affected by having incometax refunds stolen. Would credit freezes or alerts help? Identity theft is a real and growing risk for taxpayers. A fraudster could file a fradulent taxreturn in your name, meaning the person could steal your refund. Although tax payers usually…Read More

  2. Repair Your Credit With These Seven Steps

    Financial problems are something most people go through, and that can affect your credit score. Sometimes it’s hard to repair your credit after filing bankruptcy or even just getting behind on some bills. Here are seven steps to help you repair your credit. Check your credit report by getting a co…Read More

  3. Why Financial Experts Need To Use Technology And How

    Modern technology and finance seem to go hand-in-hand. In today’s world, traditional business models are old and outdated. To stay up to date, businesses and owners need to utilize modern technology, such as mobile, social and big data, to thrive this digital market. Financial officers in a modern…Read More

  4. Protect Your Credit Score Against Identity Theft

    Identity theft is a headache to deal with on its own, but it can negatively impact your credit score too. Credit scores start at the bottom of the barrel at 350 and can get as high as 850. The higher your score, the better off you are. But, if someone steals your identity, your credit score can drop…Read More

  5. Number Of Mortgage Loan Applications Decrease

    11.7 million, the number of American individuals whom applied for home purchase mortgages in order to obtain a home. This was the year of 2005 in which applications were at their highest rate. Soon however, within a six year period that 11.7 million Americans declined to 3.6 million Americans seekin…Read More

  6. The Costco Credit Card Switch: What You Need To Know

    A pleasant reminder to all Costco credit consumers: It’s time to obtain your Costco Everywhere Visa credit card prepared to shop at Costco outlets and online beginning from June 20, the official day the bulk retailer basically changes towards the new Visa network with provider Citi. Earlier, the T…Read More

  7. The Tricks To Get You Approved For Your First Credit Card

    There’s too much to consider when trying to get a credit card, particularly if you’ve never owned one. Being in a state of financially accountable with your card might help you even to develop credit in the future and avoid getting buried with debt. But before considering that, you might need to…Read More

  8. Programmable Credit Cards: Are They Safe?

    Question: I have been seeing various advertisements on using the Plastc electronic credit card device. Are they secure and do they work? Answer: The mobile transaction scenery is continually changing whilst the market attempts to determine what individuals may really use, Until, smartphone becomes a…Read More

  9. The Reasons Behind Your Credit Score Stagnancy

    “I’m always paying all my expenses promptly and never put it on hold, so why isn’t my credit rating rising? Credit scores might look or sound frustrating most times as you are not being rewarded, but you do have the feeling that everything you do about it is right. In solving this issue, the s…Read More