1. Nerdwallet Credit

    Piggybacking on a Credit Card The best way to piggyback on someone’s credit is to ask a family member with excellent credit to add your name as a user on their card. This way, you become qualified for a card even if your credit history is thin or nonexistent based on their favorable credit. Often …Read More

  2. Credit Score Less Than Perfect? Here’s How to Shop for a Mortgage

    When shopping for a home loan, consumers need to know where they stand with their FICO score to better gauge their chance of loan acceptance. It’s common knowledge that lenders want to see good credit history, but the factors playing into that are more detailed. And exactly how strong your score i…Read More

  3. Diving Deeper Into Your FICO Score

    If you are among the millions of people applying for an auto loan this year, the first thing any lender is going to want to know about you is your credit score. It’s the magic number that determines who will lend to you and set the terms of the loan. As you probably know, your credit score is a nu…Read More

  4. How’s Your Driving? Ask FICO.

    Every US consumer who has used any form of credit knows the name FICO for the way it sizes up their worthiness as a borrower. The number they assign to a consumer’s credit has an incredible amount of power. This score determines your eligibility for a loan, home mortgage, or other types of credit.…Read More

  5. Which Credit Score Do I Need to Check?

    Let’s be honest: when it comes to your credit score, there are only two numbers that matter: the three digit score itself and how much you have to fork over to access it. Simply put, the type of credit score you get doesn’t matter (e.g. Vantage or FICO), or where it comes from, so long as you’…Read More

  6. If You Want Good Credit, Here Are 10 Steps You Need to Take

    Could you tell me what your credit score is right now without looking it up? If not, then we have a problem. The effects of your credit score are far reaching, and a low score can have a negative impact on your financial health. Most people know that their credit score affects their ability to borro…Read More

  7. 5 Steps to Improving Poor Credit

    Everyone knows what a credit score is and why it is important to have an excellent one. The bad news is that most people struggle with achieving this goal. This particularly true for college students and recent college graduates. Why do young people struggle with developing a good credit score? Befo…Read More