1. FAQs

I have my credit report, what’s next?

Give us a call! The very first thing we will do with you is give you a free consultation with your fresh credit report! With that consultation, you will know everything you need to get yourself back to financial freedom!

How much does the program cost?

To get enrolled in our program, its a upfront fee of $89.99 for us to start building your file right away and only $59.99 a month after that. No contracts, no cancellation fees!

Do I have to sign a contract that says I have to use you for a certain amount of time?

Absolutely not! Because everyone has a different credit profile, each person’s time in the program will vary. But the sweet thing is, you can hire us and we will work for you until you’re satisfied!

How long does it take for the average client to finish the program?

Again, we don’t have any contracts, so overall time frame is all up to you! But our average client can usually see drastic improvement within 30-60 days. There are several other factors that play into time frame, so give us a call and we can explain it better for you!

Do you handle debt settlement?

We do not handle any sort of debt settlement. But we do work with a network of trusted advisers and reputable companies. So if that’s what you need, we can put you in touch with a company who can help!

I know that a lack of history is a big problem within my credit, can you help with that?

Yes! Again we work within a large network of trusted companies and professionals. So if you need to open a new account and get your credit history going, we can put you in touch with the right options. There are several options and strategies for this, so it’s best to call us first and talk about your best option.

Is my personal information safe?

Absolutely! 360 Credit Consulting will not share, sell, or transfer your personal information to any unaffiliated companies or third parties. We have strict policies for all 360 Credit Consulting employees when it comes to sharing personal information internally. We have taken security precautions to protect your information online, internally, and any other means!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! That’s one of the many benefits of 360 Credit Consulting! We do not lock you into any sort of contract. So what that means for you is if you are not satisfied with your results, you can cancel! It’s as simple as that!

I have some other questions I would like to ask…

Simply give one of our Certified Fico Professionals a call at 1-877-487-4898 and we will tell you everything you want to know!

An alarming number of consumer credit reports contain serious errors that can result in denial of credit, a loan, or a job. Monitor your credit report is an important way to prevent future credit problems. Remember, keeping a ‘clean’ credit report is essential to your financial well-being. Give us a call for your free consultation, and we will work with you to correct errors and clean up your credit report. For more questions, feel free to Contact Us or sign up for our Free Credit Report Analysis : http://www.360creditconsulting.com/credit-repair-consultation/

What our clients say…

I just got finished going through a tough divorce. Obviously my credit was Bad and severly needed repair. I was talking to a friend of mine who happened to be a Realtor and she had mentioned 360 Credit Consulting. I called them the next day and they were very helpful. Their credit team gave me a free consultation and pointed me in the right direction. I have been in the program now for 2 months and they have increased my credit score by 38 points! I would highly recommend 360 Credit Consulting to anyone who needs some guidance.” Christopher K. , Gainesville, FL.