How to Repair Bad Credit

Do you have bad credit? You don’t have to accept your score as-is. There are a number of ways to optimize your report and restore your credit, and the FICO-certified team here at 360 Credit Consulting knows them all. We’ll help you bounce back from bad credit.

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

If you have filed for bankruptcy or experienced a foreclosure, those events can show up on your credit score. With 360 Credit Consulting, you can learn more about what that means and how long those events can affect your credit in the future. You’ve already faced financial difficulties — don’t let bad credit and misinformation make matters worse.

Build Your Credit Report

You have control over your credit report. Learn what you can do through effective credit card management, timely payments, and more with information from 360 Credit Consulting. We’re here to help you take charge of your credit score.

Credit Score Changes

Did something change in your credit report? What can you do to move your credit score in the right direction? Learn more when you get into contact with 360 Credit Consulting. We’re here to help you make the right choices to build the future you want.

Credit Card Management

Should you close that credit card? Not necessarily! Make better decisions on how to handle credit card offers or your existing credit cards with our certified FICO credit consulting team. We’ll help you determine the best steps for preserving or building your credit card.

Credit Consulting

Whether you’re just starting to build credit, or you have a few financial mistakes you need to bounce back from, 360 Credit Consulting can help you build the roadmap to the credit score you want. We offer guidelines on how to use debit and credit cards, advice on paying your bills, and much more.

Credit Education

You can’t make the right choices for your credit score if you don’t have the right information. At 360 Credit Consulting, we prioritize credit education so you can make informed choices on how to boost your score and improve your credit report.

Credit Report Errors

If something on your credit report doesn’t look quite right, it’s time to take action! False information or unimplemented changes can lower your score. Our team can help you determine what happened and what you can do to correct the mistakes.

Credit Restoration

There are a lot of factors that can affect your credit score. 360 Credit Consulting can give you the guidance you need to change that number. Past events don’t have to define your credit report forever — get in touch with us today to take the first steps toward a better score!

Late Payments

Late payments can affect your credit report. Stay informed on what you can expect after making a late payment and what you can do to help your credit score bounce back with help from our team.

Credit Report Public Records

Your credit score information isn’t always private. Public records can reflect your credit reports, including bankruptcies, judgements, foreclosures, and tax liens. 360 Credit Consulting is here to help you figure out how to move forward with unfavorable public records in your name.

Loan Denial Counseling

Sometimes, good credit isn’t enough. If you were denied a loan or other financing, turn to 360 Credit Consulting to learn more about what other factors lenders take into consideration and what you can do to ensure your success in the future.

Your Credit Report

Learn more about what goes into your credit report, what can affect your score, and more. 360 Credit Consulting is here to offer the best credit education available so you can understand more and take action for a better score and a better future. Contact us today to get started!