Causes of Credit Report Errors

Sometimes, the easiest explanation for a mistake on your credit report is human error. Whether the error was made by your financial institution or the credit bureau, the sheer number of clients they work with can cause mistakes to happen. Entering information from an application or submitting information from one institution to another can result in incorrect information creating an error on your credit report.

How to Dispute Your Credit Report

When you learn that there is an error on your credit report, the first step that you should take is contacting the credit bureau that generated the incorrect report. It is not a bad idea to request your credit report from the two other main credit bureaus to make sure that they do not also have inaccurate information on your credit report.

Secondly, you need to contact the lender or creditor that reported the incorrect information to the credit bureau and let them know that you are disputing the accuracy of the information that they reported.

Call the Experts

While these steps should be easy in theory, the reality can be more difficult and overwhelming. Don’t let that stop you from taking charge of making sure that your credit report is an accurate reflection of your credit history! Contact 360 Credit Consulting, and let us help you with this process. Call today for a free credit analysis.