Your credit history is important, as it directly affects your credit score, which is what gives you a better opportunity to receive credit cards with good terms. Whether you are just starting out to build credit history, or you need help rebuilding a shaky credit history, we can help. Call 360 Credit Consulting today and let us help you get the credit score you deserve!

New Credit Cards

While you don’t want to go out and apply for a number of new credit cards all at once, it is helpful to apply for a new credit card when you need to build your credit history. A new credit card gives you the opportunity to make timely payments on your purchases and create a solid history of good credit. If you have a lack of credit history due to your age, then you could either receive great terms, or be saddled with a high-interest rate.

Secured Credit Cards

If you are unsuccessful at opening a new credit card due to a lack of credit history, then it might be beneficial to look into secured credit cards. This type of card requires you to deposit money with the credit card company the same way that you would with a bank. Once you have made an initial deposit, you can post charges on the credit card up to the amount that you deposited. While this can be a great option, it is still important to make timely payments, as these cards can also have high fees due to your lack of history.

Build Savings

At 360 Credit Consulting, we always encourage our clients to put money aside into a savings account. This is a great idea for when life happens and you need large sums of money right away. Your savings, however, will not impact your credit score one way or the other, because credit scores don’t account for any disposable cash you may have. The good news is that your savings account will allow you to spend less on credit cards when emergencies happen.

360 Credit Consulting wants to provide the help and guidance that you need to build your credit history. Call today and schedule your free consultation.