1. Here’s How Your Credit Limit is Affected by Your Credit Score

    Although most American adults don’t give it a second thought, but your individual credit influences a number of factors that affect your day to day life. A credit score, which is commonly referred to as a FICO score, is traditionally associated with one’s ability to secure a new car loan or a mo…Read More

  2. Improving Your Credit Report

    You might have come across different adverts claiming to improve your credit score for a fee of course! While their claims might be considered bogus, you can redeem your credit report, but it doesn’t come easy. In this article, we will take a detailed look at ways you can salvage your credit score…Read More

  3. Obtaining Personal Loans, The Panacea for a Bad Credit Score

    Having a bad credit score can be a lot messy. The pressure of the debt you may have fallen into can rob you of a good night’s sleep and daytime peace. Having a bad credit score can mean a higher interest rate on your credit cards and loans. Also, with a bad credit score, creditors or lenders may s…Read More

  4. 7 Common Credit Repair Mistakes

    Despite the noticeable improvement in the economy and the continuous decrease in the unemployment rate in the U.S., many individuals still face economic and financial challenges. According to some reports that emanated from the U.S. courts in 2016, there were over a million cases of chapter 7 and ch…Read More

  5. Sustaining That Impressive Credit Score

    The benefits of having an impressive credit score are numerous. It eases a lot of financial pressure and ensures a happier life and easier access to financial aids. Individuals with good credit scores enjoy low interest rates on obtained loans and credit cards as well as save funds on insurance and …Read More

  6. A Beginner’s Guide to Credit Repair

    Bad credit scores are just what it sounds like; bad! It is not a desirable thing to have your unpaid bills pile up as it will subsequently take its toll on your happiness and hence the quality of your life. Your FICO score or credit score follows you like a shadow throughout your life. Whatever you …Read More

  7. A Do-It-Yourself Approach to Credit Repair

    Like so many things in life, credit repairs can’t be fixed easily. A lot of people have fallen for scams in their search for a fast resolution of their poor credit scores. Regardless of how bad your credit score might be, it can be fixed. The catch is it requires conscientious effort and time. Aft…Read More

  8. How Feasible is Credit Repair?

    As a panacea to bad credit score, credit repair was born. Credit repair can be done either by hiring credit repair companies or by using a DIY approach. When you find yourself in the situation of a bad credit score, it is normal to feel an unhealthy amount of pressure. This is often due to higher in…Read More