Universities are making it significantly easier for undergrads to rack up debit these days – with increasing tuition costs and rising fees for textbooks and activities, it’s no wonder some students may turn to credit cards to cover the fees.

For example, university students can utilize their credit cards to pay educational costs in huge numbers at the biggest schools and colleges throughout the country, as indicated by a recent study from the consumer website CreditCards.com. The site examined 300 U.S.- based open and non-public schools and found that 85 percent of them acknowledge plastic for educational cost installments.

The simplicity of swiping comes at a weighty cost however.

Almost 50% of the schools tack on an average exchange expense of 2.62 percent for utilizing credit cards, the review found. All things considered, families turning to Visas and Mastercards charged an average of $4,443 in educational costs in the 2015-2016 school year.

At the same time, fewer schools are permitting you to charge educational costs without added fees. In 2014, 30 four-year colleges acknowledged charge free card installments. This year, that number dropped to 21, as indicated by the review.

These exchange charges aren’t lining the schools’ pockets, however. They may in fact go to outsider organizations that help various universities process Mastercard and Visa exchanges. These are the same expenses many retailers must pay when their clients decide on plastic versus other payment methods.

Most schools reveal these card charges on their websites, yet the data isn’t generally simple to discover. It’s best to call the school treasurer’s office and get fine details on exchange fees before you charge your educational expenses.

It’s also worth noting that the Credit Card Act of 2009 has made it harder for undergrads, particularly those under 21, to get a credit card by themselves. This may be one way to balance the fact that more people are choosing plastic to pay for school – or a monkey wrench in their plans.

In any case, if you or your school-aged child completely needs one, WalletHub has highlighted the Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One and the BankAmericard Cash Rewards for Students card as some of the best choices.

Simply ensure you don’t charge your educational cost.