Paying down debt is a very popular goal. Getting to that zero balance takes hard work, but here’s4 ways to make the task easier:

1 Don’t forget your other resolutions – Reevaluate your budget – are there things you can cut out in order to free up more cash which can go toward debt repayment? Bars, snacks, eating out?

Keep it steady: Break your goal into smaller steps, but starting off by getting organized and developing a spending plan so you don’t accumulate more debt.
Minimize credit card interest: Think of a balance transfer credit card of debt consolidation loan, but review terms and conditions carefully first. Your credit card may also qualify you for great offers which could lower the cost of credit card balances. Good credit scores of 750 and above (on a scale of 300-850) can get the best interest rates.
Prioritize payments: Don’t take on new debt to pay off old debt. Start with the debt that has the highest interest rate and develop a payment plan and stick to it.