1. Best Tips For Young People To Establish Credit

    1 Pay bills on time: Other than paying bills on time, developing a plan to stay out of debt is important. Late payments stay on your credit report for about 7 years and cause damage to your credit score. This also includes student loan debt. Report rent payments: Rent payments can help establish cre…Read More

  2. 7 Tips For Better Credit In 2016

    A higher credit score saves you money! Did you know that your low credit score is costing you money? Having a good credit score gets you the best rates for car loans, credit cards, mortgages and more. You can also get pretty good credit sign up bonuses. But you have to put in some work to get the cr…Read More

  3. US Records Higher Consumer Borrowing In November 2015

    This is partly due to increased use of credit cards, resulting in higher consumer borrowing. This has offset slower growth figures in auto and student loans. Consumer borrowing rose by $14 billion, the Federal Reserve recently reported. It is believed that improvements in the labour market will boos…Read More

  4. Avoid These Credit Card Mistakes In 2016

    In the months following the holidays, many companies are offering numerous credit card deals. You can achieve a good credit rating by managing your credit cards well and avoiding some costly credit card mistakes 1. Focusing on freebies It may be time to rethink if you should get that credit card bec…Read More

  5. How To Get The Most Benefits From A Balance Transfer Credit Card

    For many people, the holidays can result in a lot of debt. Reports estimate that the average American spent $805 on gifts. To many people, the new year brings extra motivation to tackle debt. In the bid to do this, many consumers reach out for 0% balance transfer credits. When transferring balances,…Read More

  6. Meet The Man Who Has 1,497 Cards

    Walter Cavanagh of Santa Clara, Calif., is currently the Guiness Book of World Records title holder as “Mr. Plastic Fantastic”. Cavanagh has 1,497 valid credit cards which adds up to $1.7 million in available credit. He owns a custom wallet (which he does not carry around) that is 250 feet long,…Read More

  7. The Lowest Credit Scores In The United States

    An individual’s credit scores affects whether they can receive loans and how strict the lender will be about repaying the loan. Albuquerque residents have the scores that fall in the bottom third of all US states. According to credit rankings released by the website WalletHub, residents have an av…Read More

  8. Millennials Are Moving On From Debit Cards

    According to Mercator Advisory Group, using cards that make automatic deductions from a checking account is at a seven year low in young adults. There’s been no change in usage numbers for most of the general population. However, the difference is small. 59% of the American population use debit wh…Read More

  9. Your Credit Score Is More Important Than Ever In 2016

    Lenders use your credit score to determine whether or not they will lend you money for car loans, a credit card, a mortgage, etc. It also determines how much interest you’ll pay. In 2016, more than ever before, three credit scores will be more important. In December, the Federal Reserve Board incr…Read More

  10. Could Credit Freezes Help Protect You At Tax Time?

    Millions of Americans could be affected by having incometax refunds stolen. Would credit freezes or alerts help? Identity theft is a real and growing risk for taxpayers. A fraudster could file a fradulent taxreturn in your name, meaning the person could steal your refund. Although tax payers usually…Read More