1 Pay bills on time: Other than paying bills on time, developing a plan to stay out of debt is important. Late payments stay on your credit report for about 7 years and cause damage to your credit score. This also includes student loan debt.

Report rent payments: Rent payments can help establish credit history. It shows that you can handle making annual payments of varying sums in form of monthly rent. Ask your landlord to report rent payments to a credit bureau. TransUnion and Experian allow landlords to report rent payments. RentReporters and other websites allow renters to sign up and report payments.
Get a generous credit limit but barely use it: Having access to credit but not using it much will improve your credit score. Use your card for small purchases and pay off the bill in full every month.

You won’t boost your credit score in a day, but paying your bills on time, and having your rent reported will go a long way in building your score.