Walter Cavanagh of Santa Clara, Calif., is currently the Guiness Book of World Records title
holder as “Mr. Plastic Fantastic”. Cavanagh has 1,497 valid credit cards which adds up to $1.7
million in available credit.

He owns a custom wallet (which he does not carry around) that is 250 feet long, weighs 38
pounds, and can hold 800 of his cards. It has been previously reported that all but one of his
cards is stored in a safedeposit box. Cavanagh also has perfect credit.

He owns credit cards from gas stations, airlines, and an ice cream store. He says he’s only been
denied credit once, by a nowdefunct company which said he already has too much credit.
Cavanagh has held this title since 1971, and has to keep acquiring cards in order to maintain his
title. If a card is no longer valid, he doesn’t count it as part of his collection.
According to an April 2014 Gallup survey, 29% of Americans do not own credit cards. While a
third of the population have seven or more cards.