A pleasant reminder to all Costco credit consumers: It’s time to obtain your Costco Everywhere Visa credit card prepared to shop at Costco outlets and online beginning from June 20, the official day the bulk retailer basically changes towards the new Visa network with provider Citi.

Earlier, the True Earnings Card from Costco PRICED at 0.34%, and the American Express and offered as its credit card officially; Costco reported it ended its unique relationship with American Express AXP, -0.11% in March 2015.

Things you need to understand

A few of conditions and the terms of the Citi C, +0.85% card act like American Express. For example, the brand new card, such as the previous one, doesn’t officially bring an annual cost, but you’ll require a Costco membership, which costs at least $59 annually (based on form) to qualify. Your Citi card can serve as your Costco membership card, so everyone paying their membership price using their American Express card may do with this.

But there are always a few differences. For example, Citi’s new Costco card enables consumers to generate 4% money back on fuel purchases (as much as $7,000 each year, then 1% again); 3% back on restaurants and vacation expenditures; 2% back on Costco and Costco.com purchases and 1% back everywhere else. That increases about the American Express edition, which provided 3% cashback on gasoline (as much as $4,000), 2% back on restaurants and vacation and 1% back everywhere else.

Any cashback gained about the Citi card is provided annually like a benefits voucher redeemable for product or cashback at Costco warehouses. The discount is included in your February billing record and ends on December 31 of the entire year it had been released.

Here’s how to proceed to avoid any problems associated with the change.

1. Go through the terms and conditions

Conditions and complete terms alongside payment dates as well as your interest rates must have been included with your new card, so you’ll wish to examine these to understand if your account was affected by the transfer. Payment dates and your interest rates must be much like your old ones.

Per Citi’s online FAQ page made it known that If you were notified by Citi of a 15.49% standard purchase APR being listed and the current APR is less than this for new purchase with the use of Costco. You may contact a Citi CS agent with any questions regarding this.

2. Get the new card

Citi gave out its True Earnings consumers its Costco Everywhere Visa credit card in May. So, you might have previously being mailed your plastic. Else, you might want to make contact with the company to confirm your location and/or possess a new one shipped out if you haven’t. Visit the Citi website to sign up after you have the brand new card.

3. Take steps to prevent missing payments

Account balances are planned to turn around to card from card. But you’ll have to pay any expenses you obtain from American Express. And should you desire to create monthly payments from the bank account you’ll have to put up automated bill pay on the new account. Forgetting this may lead to missed payments, that could find yourself affecting your credit rating.

Make sure to update account information with any business you paid through recurring or automated payments from the previous American Express card. You don’t want any outstanding accounts damage your credit and to end up in choices.

4. Check reward balances

You won’t shed the cashback you’ve gathered using the American Express Costco card. On June 20, these benefits will automatically be transferred to the brand new account. You won’t have the ability to move any American Express-specific membership rewards towards the new account, which means you might want to contact American Express with questions about applying these rewards prior to the official switchover time.

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