1. Improving Your FICO Score

    Fix Your Credit and Improve your FICO Score Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix to getting a better FICO score. Repairing your bad credit takes time and diligence. But if you follow these steps for several months, you’ll begin to see both your credit report and your FICO score improve. Monitor Y…Read More

  2. 3 Things You Might Not Know Are Hurting Your Credit

    Understanding your credit can feel like doing calculus—confusing and over your head. Because of this, many people simply neglect it altogether, pretending it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, this can have a major and lasting impact on your finances for the rest of your life. Did you know more than …Read More

  3. Applying for a Mortgage Fix Your Credit Score First

    Your mortgage is arguably the most important loan you will ever apply for. Your mortgage application can make a major difference not only in whether you’re able to buy a house period, but how much house you can afford. To qualify for a mortgage and get the best interest rate possible, you’re goi…Read More

  4. 11 Steps to Repair Your Credit

    Need to rebuild your credit completely? Or maybe you just want to clean it up a bit? Here are 11 ideas to help you get back on the good credit wagon. Schedule a monthly check-up. Just like you need regular doctor’s visits to monitor your health, you need regular check-ups on your credit health as …Read More

  5. How to Win Against Debt Collectors

    Are you being hounded by collection agencies left and right? There’s a good chance they’re breaking the law. The law is very specific about what debt collection agencies can and cannot do, and today we’re going to talk about how to beat them at their own game. First, establish that the only co…Read More

  6. 6 Ways You’re Hindering Your Credit Repair Efforts

    Though the U.S. financial climate has improved significantly over the last few years, many individuals are still struggling to repair their damaged credit from the height of the great recession. It can take years to get your credit back on track after a few big screw-ups, and even longer than that i…Read More

  7. Small Banks Fight Back Over Data Breach Losses

    Small banks and credit unions are fighting back after major data breaches involving Target and Home Depot. These breaches caused them to incur huge financial losses, the majority of which have not been reimbursed by the retailers. As reported recently by The New York Times, these smaller financial i…Read More

  8. 16 Easy Ways Baby Boomers Can Build Their Credit

    We give Baby Boomers a lot of credit when it comes to finances. Their generation learned to save up if they wanted something, and many older parents this age have stepped in to support their grown children when they fall on financial hard times. Even so, Baby Boomers have the highest average credit …Read More

  9. The Top 10 Buyers’ Market in the US

    As the real estate market bounces back in many parts of the country, sellers have the upper hand. However, according to a recent report from online real estate portal Zillow, there are some markets where buyers still have a clear advantage. Philadelphia, Chicago and Cleveland take the top three spot…Read More

  10. Growth of Home Prices Slows in February

    Sales prices for single-family homes grew more slowly in February, according to S&P/Case-Shiller’s National Home Price Index. In January, prices grew 4.4% year over year, while the same figure for February came in slightly lower at 4.2%. America’s largest cities, however, bucked the trend, a…Read More