1. Should We Be Concerned About the Large American Trade Deficit?

    The United States operates under a large and relatively persistent trade deficit. Broken down to a basic level, this means that the cost of our imports exceeds the value of our exports. Or, more specifically, our external liabilities outweigh our external assets. The obvious conclusion would be that…Read More

  2. How Long Do Negative Items Stay on My Credit Report?

    Is your credit report less than stellar? Do you avoid checking it altogether because of what you might find? It’s time to face the music and confront the negative items on your report; the good news is, they won’t stay there forever. Let’s take a look at some of the most common negative credit…Read More

  3. Credit Milestones to Prepare for Retirement

    A good credit score affects many aspects of our life, from where we can afford to buy a house to the job we hold. But did you ever think about how your credit score could affect your retirement? Even if you plan ahead, you may still find yourself in a position where you need to take out a loan or re…Read More

  4. What Does Marriage Mean for Your Credit?

    Marriage means a lot of things: love, happiness… and a merging of finances. If you’re a newlywed or about to tie the knot, you may have questions regarding your credit and new financial situation. Here are answers to a few of the most common questions for new spouses. When I get married, will my…Read More

  5. 5 Unusual Steps to Help You Retire as Early as 50

    Today we pretty much take it for granted that we’ll need to work as long as possible in order to be able to one day retire; even if that means remaining in the workforce until we’re 70. It didn’t used to be this way, and we believe it shouldn’t have to. You’ll need to make some dramatic ch…Read More

  6. How Much to Spend on Every Item in Your Budget

    If you’ve just begun to use a budget, you’re likely tracking your spending to see where your money is going each month. Are you going over budget? That much is easy to tell, but how do you know where you’re spending too much and where you might benefit by cutting back? We’ll break down the i…Read More

  7. Credit or Debit?

    It’s a common question at the checkout counter. Are you paying with credit or debit? Does it matter one way or the other? We’ll explain the difference and how to decide which card to use. You probably know that a debit card is attached to your bank account, meaning the money is gone immediately,…Read More

  8. 3 Tips for Raising a Frugal Child

    It’s tricky enough to teach a child common life skills like brushing her teeth or making her bed. So how do you teach a child a skill that many adults haven’t even mastered—the skill of being frugal? It isn’t easy, and what works for one child might not work for another, even in the same fam…Read More

  9. One Key Quality You Need to Reinvent Your Career

    Years ago, it was standard for adults to set out on one career path and stick to it for the entire duration of their working lives. Those days have come and gone, though, and it’s highly uncommon to meet someone who hasn’t made a career change in some form or another. You might be faced with mak…Read More

  10. Improving Your FICO Score

    Fix Your Credit and Improve your FICO Score Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix to getting a better FICO score. Repairing your bad credit takes time and diligence. But if you follow these steps for several months, you’ll begin to see both your credit report and your FICO score improve. Monitor Y…Read More