1. The Importance of Checking Your Free Annual Credit Report

    Most people know it is important to check their credit report before making a big purchase like a home or perhaps a vehicle. Unless they are denied a credit card or personal loan, they never bother to find out what their report has to say about them. To make sure that your credit report gives an acc…Read More

  2. How to Build a Nest Egg

    Trying to stay ahead of your bills and keep your family with the basic needs is not always easy to do. Trying to build a nest egg for your retirement, on top of the regular expenses, may seem impossible. However, if you get serious about it, make a few changes in your spending habits, and be diligen…Read More

  3. What is FICO Score?

    Chances are you have heard about a credit score, but what exactly is a FICO score? FICO stands for “Fair Isaac and Co.”, which was a company back in the 80’s that assisted other companies to determine if a customer’s credit was risky or in good standing based upon their credit history. A num…Read More

  4. How Debts in Collections Affect Your Credit

    Debts in Collection imageMany people get behind in their finances from time to time, as sometimes the job can go sour or the economy can take a hit. Even if you have a good budget, you may encounter unforeseen issues like getting laid off, divorcing, or encountering surprise expenses. When you get b…Read More

  5. Toma tu Futuro Financiero en tus Propias Manos

    Si sientes como que no tienes tanto control como quisieras sobre tus finanzas, quizás en realidad no estás tomando el asunto en tus propias manos. Es importante que comprendas la importancia de tomar la responsabilidad de tu vida financiera. Es tu responsabilidad el estar en control de tus finanza…Read More

  6. 5 Things You Can Do to Negatively Affect Your Credit

    Your credit performance is one of the most essential factors in your financial life. It enables the bank to decide on whether to give you a loan or a credit card. We might not think about our credit ratings as often as we should, especially when we are out there making impulse purchases with credit …Read More

  7. Three Credit Mistakes to Avoid

    When dealing with an unfamiliar situation, it’s easy for us to quickly make assumptions despite not having all the facts. But this is a particularly dangerous mistake to make when dealing with your credit. Your credit affects everything in your life, from your car insurance premium to the interest…Read More

  8. 5 Credit Tips Follow When Going Through A Divorce

    When going through a divorce, things can get messy when it comes to splitting up debt, credit and financial obligations. Even if a judge has assigned each person specific responsibilities, it’s possible one person will not uphold his or her end of the deal. The cold hard truth is that creditors do…Read More

  9. The Benefits of Credit Monitoring

    Traditionally, people think of credit monitoring as something you use when you need to repair your credit. That’s not necessarily the case. If you’re looking to maintain your great credit score, a credit monitoring service can be equally beneficial to you. Image showing ScoreA credit monitoring …Read More

  10. How to Make a Deal with Your Creditor

    If you find that you’re constantly behind on your credit card or loan payments even though you’re doing everything in your power to pay them, it may be a good idea to negotiate with one or more of your creditors. It’s not an easy task, and can be daunting, but these tips will increase your cha…Read More