What Sets 360 Credit Consulting Apart

Our Staff

While there are a number of other companies that offer credit repair, we are proud to offer a number of services that help us stand apart from the crowd. When you call to speak with one of our staff, you can rest assured that every single employee is a FICO expert and can provide the information and advice that you need.

Our Technology

Our proprietary technology allows us to pull six credit refreshes each month to provide you and your clients with the most current and accurate information about their credit score. Our constant, clear communication with you means that you will be able to use our pipeline report to speak with your client each month to let them know how close they are to achieving their goal of closing on a loan to get the house of their dreams. At 360 Credit Consulting, we average a 20-point increase per month, per credit bureau, per client, which means that you and your client get the results you want.

Our Communication

360 Credit Consulting is mortgage exclusive — we know this industry better than anyone, and we will help your clients hit their credit goal so that you can help them achieve their dreams of home ownership. The moment that your customer hits their credit score goal, we get an instant notification and will contact you, the loan officer, to let you know your clients are set to close on their loan.

The 360 Credit Consulting Difference

We are proud to offer access to an entire department that is exclusively dedicated to partnering with loan officers, agents, and builders in order to provide the clearest and most direct lines of communication. Unlike other credit repair companies, we are available to call for help and advice when you need it. Our proprietary system, 360credithealth.com, offers the technology that your clients need to close on their loans even faster. We provide a score tracker, budget tracker, and $1 million in fraud protection! Our FICO experts are always happy to speak with you and provide the information you need. The best part is that all of these benefits are available for just $99 per month with no contract involved!

Contact 360 Credit Consulting today to learn how we can help your customers improve their credit score more quickly, get into the home of their dreams, and help you grow your customer base!